How the Blackjack Strategy Trainer works

The blackjack trainer 1bet2uthai helps beginners and advanced players learn blackjack strategies playfully and get tips and instructions. You get an overview of how well you can implement the strategies and helpful tips that help with blackjack.

Even though the strategy trainer for blackjack is relatively simple, we are happy to explain how it works and how best to proceed.

Choose the level of difficulty

Once you open the Blackjack Strategy Trainer, you can choose a level of difficulty that matches your blackjack level. It is easy for beginners, means for an advanced level, and with difficulty, you should already be a very good blackjack player.

Determine the bet

As I said, playing in our Blackjack Strategy Trainer is completely free. No credit is required on your part, which makes practicing a lot easier.

Nevertheless, you have to bet for your bet. We offer $ 500 to start with, which can be wagered on $ 10, $ 25, $ 100, and $ 500 bets. Since this is a free blackjack game, you can bet with no limit – however, we do not recommend wagering $ 500 straight away.

When the credit has been used up or no more bets can be placed, you can simply click on “New,” and you will be happy again with $ 500.

The game begins

If you are ready to play, simply click on “give cards.” The dealer now deals the cards – 2 for you, face-up, and two for yourself, one face down. You can read the basics of blackjack in more detail here: Blackjack online.

Now you have the option to choose one step: split, drag, hold, or double. What is available is always highlighted. This is another good help from the Blackjack Strategy Trainer.

For example, if you choose to draw, the blackjack strategy trainer may say that the decision was not the best – and directly explain how you should have behaved in the situation you were in. Also, the “Right Actions” counter is the percentage of the right decisions.

To better assess the situations, we have shown a clear table for blackjack strategies at the bottom of this page, which you can download. If you have them aside, the counter will not drop very low, and you will internalize them faster. You can also reduce your house edge by up to 0.5%!

Won or lost?

As soon as you click “Hold,” the dealer will make his move, and the blackjack trainer will tell you whether you won or not. Then you can easily start a new game with a left mouse click.

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