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4 Basic Things You Can Learn From The Playing Free Roulette Game!

Roulette is a game the rules of which most players understand immediately. Simply place your chips somewhere on the field, and if their number or color comes, you have won.

It is the same with online roulette, apart from the fact that the wheel only rotates virtually here. However, the game is not as simple and simple as you might think at the beginning. After a few rounds at the latest: the technical jargon is opaque, and the other players at the table bet on the strangest combinations. What’s it all about?

The correct selection of the roulette table

You might think that table selection doesn’t play a big role in roulette. Wrong thought, because the game’s choice can be very important for one reason: the number of zeros on the wheel!

An American roulette wheel has a zero (0) and a double zero (00). In French roulette, there is only one zero and no double zero. This is important because the zero fields do not influence the payout structure, and the house edge is thereby significantly larger.

It follows that the more zero spaces on the wheel, the smaller the player’s chances of winning. The house edge in American roulette is, therefore, twice as large as in French. If your place of residence does not restrict you, take a French table.

Complex special rules in roulette

There may be a few roulette rules that you are not familiar with. For example, what happens if the ball stays on zero and bet on red/black or even / odd in this game? The “En Prison” rule states that your bet for the next game will be frozen in such a case and will only be released when the next roll hits your bet.

The “La Patage” or “Surrender” rule, on the other hand, gives you the option of winning back half the bet and giving up the other half or continuing to play according to the “En Prison” rule.

Betting systems and basic terms

Betting systems like the well-known Martingale system do not change the player’s long-term chances of winning. Here the players double whenever they lose a bet. However, this can easily tear a big hole in your wallet. So-called progressive betting systems, in which you can only increase your stake if you have won, are more profitable and easier to control.

Countless betting systems are advertised in roulette in particular. But they don’t just need practice; they also need experience and patience. Many are too ambitious and want to continue after a winning streak, although the chosen betting system requires something else (namely a conservative game). So that can quickly backfire: suddenly everything is lost. In the free game, you can train yourself more discipline and maybe determine when you become restless and how you can counteract it. Roulette is not for the faint of heart, but you can at least acquire those made of wire rope!

Bankroll management

As already mentioned above, betting systems are particularly good for generating more profits than losses in the medium term. However, you not only have to be able to control your bets but also your bankroll. How fast and brisk you play, and which rounds you go with or stay behind, it all dictates how long you can play in total. The high rollers naturally love the fast, intense game: all or nothing in roulette! But if you would rather have more and more of your money, you should practice free roulette to keep up with your money.

How the Blackjack Strategy Trainer works

The blackjack trainer helps beginners and advanced players learn blackjack strategies playfully and get tips and instructions. You get an overview of how well you can implement the strategies and helpful tips that help with blackjack.

Even though the strategy trainer for blackjack is relatively simple, we are happy to explain how it works and how best to proceed.

Choose the level of difficulty

Once you open the Blackjack Strategy Trainer, you can choose a level of difficulty that matches your blackjack level. It is easy for beginners, means for an advanced level, and with difficulty, you should already be a very good blackjack player.

Determine the bet

As I said, playing in our Blackjack Strategy Trainer is completely free. No credit is required on your part, which makes practicing a lot easier.

Nevertheless, you have to bet for your bet. We offer $ 500 to start with, which can be wagered on $ 10, $ 25, $ 100, and $ 500 bets. Since this is a free blackjack game, you can bet with no limit – however, we do not recommend wagering $ 500 straight away.

When the credit has been used up or no more bets can be placed, you can simply click on “New,” and you will be happy again with $ 500.

The game begins

If you are ready to play, simply click on “give cards.” The dealer now deals the cards – 2 for you, face-up, and two for yourself, one face down. You can read the basics of blackjack in more detail here: Blackjack online.

Now you have the option to choose one step: split, drag, hold, or double. What is available is always highlighted. This is another good help from the Blackjack Strategy Trainer.

For example, if you choose to draw, the blackjack strategy trainer may say that the decision was not the best – and directly explain how you should have behaved in the situation you were in. Also, the “Right Actions” counter is the percentage of the right decisions.

To better assess the situations, we have shown a clear table for blackjack strategies at the bottom of this page, which you can download. If you have them aside, the counter will not drop very low, and you will internalize them faster. You can also reduce your house edge by up to 0.5%!

Won or lost?

As soon as you click “Hold,” the dealer will make his move, and the blackjack trainer will tell you whether you won or not. Then you can easily start a new game with a left mouse click.